The Vietnam War Was A Result Of The United States’ Involvement

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The Vietnam War was a result of the United States’ involvement in the Cold War against the USSR. The main goal of the United States during the Cold War was to contain communism and prevent the USSR from affecting other countries with their communist government. One of the concerns for President Dwight D. Eisenhower was that if communism spread to Vietnam, then other countries in Southeast Asia would become more susceptible to adopting communism. As a result, The United States entered a war in Vietnam, where they supported South Vietnam against the communist government of North Vietnam. The Vietnam War was a failed attempt by the United States to contain communism and support South Vietnam, because after decades of combat, the United States…show more content…
One aspect of American masculinity is their need to satisfy their own needs, which includes them satisfying their need for sexual interaction. So while the American soldiers were away from home, they relied on the Vietnamese civilian women to satisfy this need. This urge of American soldiers to seek sexual interactions with the Vietnamese is demonstrated by a quote of a former Vietnamese prostitute. In an article that describes a vocational training center for young girls recovering in South Vietnam, a former prostitute says “I used to earn 2,000 piasters [about $4.50] a night in Qui Nhon […] with the Americans I could demand even more. When I leave here and join a hairdresser’s it’ll take me a week to earn the same.” This former prostitute reveals the desperate urge of American soldiers to satisfy their sexual desires because they are willing to overpay for a prostitute’s services. American masculinity is the reason that interaction between these two groups took place. The American service member had a desire for sexual interaction, and the Vietnamese civilian women were able to satisfy this desire. This is not a result of race, as this would imply that the Americans sought out Vietnamese because of their race. The reason Vietnamese women were chosen to satisfy the Americans’ desire was because of their ease of access. Vietnamese prostitutes were the easiest way for American soldiers to appease their sex drive, so they took advantage of this opportunity. Because

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