The Vietnam War Was Five Major Conflict Points From The Years Of 1964-1975

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The Vietnam war had five major conflict points from the years of 1964-1975. There was air war, ground war, the "war at home", and negotiations between China and Soviet Union and primary enemies. There were many social, economic, and political issues that led to this war and developed during this war. America had conflicts with Vietnam that were to stop the spread of communism but with many political, economic, and social incidents occurring, including attacks on North Vietnam, manufacturing goods for the United States soldiers, and issues that included many soldier casualties which led to a lot of discrepancy within the United States. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident is also called the USS Maddox Incident. The North Vietnamese torpedo boats besieged the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, where it all occurred. The North Vietnamese government had administered further attacks against the United States naval vessels. The United States now conducted air attacks on the Vietnamese naval vessels. This air action now carried out with considerable damage to the boats and facilities that were against the United States naval vessels. These actions in the North Vietnamese government had given a new and dull turn to the already severe situation. The United States 's engagements in that area were widely known by the the United States Congress. They were all determined in the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty (SEATO) that was approved in 1955 by the Senate. This Treaty with its

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