The Vietnam War Was The Longest Of The 20th Century

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The Vietnam War was the longest of the 20th century spanning over 30 years from 1945 to 1975,; it complex nature mingled the problems of colonialism, nationalism, communism and power struggles of the great powers. It is also a major war since the American failure ended the policy of containment of communism worldwide, that was started at the end of the Second World War. Following that containment policy and it impacts on the war and the world in general, we come to the question that was it actually all about the change of balance of powers and get the US out of China or a new balance of powers against Russians? Our analysis would be based on scholarly journals by Melvin Small and Geoffrey Warner, with one going against both the containment and detente policies while the second would actually consider Kissinger as being the savior of the Nation from exiting the war, dirty. Towards the end, we have Thornton book review of Savienery and rather considering that the containment policy actually made a big difference on the outcomes of the war. In that context, Small argues that both of Nixon’s and Kissinger’s policies were bad for the US during and after the Vietnam War. He offers a comparison but then shows that even the policies were different, they were aiming towards the same outcomes. The US didn’t have a big win during the war so it reduces the power of the hegemon, provoking the fragility of the balance of powers and dragging the US in dishonor while Vietnam is destroyed.
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