The Vietnam War and the War on Terror

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Similarly, Congress is noticeably more productive and works well with the president and their co-legislators during such circumstances. This phenomenon was observed in the early stages of the War on Terror following the events of September 11, 2001 as well as during the Vietnam War. In this research paper several factors will be considered in comparing the powers of the presidency and Congressional powers during the two wars named, ranging from the presidents during each, to public opinion, as well as the change in each of these aspects over time. One must also consider the differences in the methods of warfare used. In the conclusion, these factors together will tell us which branch of government reigned supreme during each of the two wars discussed. The Vietnam War has been highly analyzed from every angle in the years since it ended. Not surprisingly, the War on Terror has seen a similar amount of analysis due to the turmoil it put the country in, as well as the lasting effects of the catalyzing event that started it, September 11, 2001. Ending in 1975, the Vietnam War lasted 18 years while the War on Terror has continued since 9/11 for only 12, smaller by comparison but still a considerably long time. Both wars lasted through multiple presidencies; President Eisenhower made…

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