The Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation Essay

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There is little official data on female Vietnam War veterans, because the military mostly favored recording the achievements of men in the army. The Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation estimate that approximately 11,000 women were stationed in Vietnam from 1962 to 1973. Only about ten percent of women served as soldiers. The ones who did were normally treated as second class soldiers; their role was perceived only as a helpmate instead of a soldier, and they were often put in dangerous situations prior to having any proper military training. The other ninety percent of women served as military nurses, physicians, air traffic controllers, intelligence officers, and clerks. Some women who weren't in the military served in Vietnam in the Red…show more content…
Women nurses were medically trained, but not enough to deal with the injuries of the U.S. soldiers. Japanese artillery was able to inflict massive and multiple injuries. Napalm and phosphorous burned soldier's skin to the bone quickly. Helicopters were used to transport them to nearby hospitals, but most of them died en route. Besides fighting and healing, women boosted morale and cared for the male soldiers. However, young women were often outspoken by older ones, and were prone to sexual harassment during the war, and even at home after the war ended. Veterans who held dangerous jobs during the war were still regarded as "donut dollies" by other men. Even though female soldiers were ignored and disregarded most of the time, they had a significant impact in the war. Here is a reflection of the war by female soldier Terry Farish: Women in the N.V.A. and Viet Cong Women were a lot more respected on this side of the war compared to women in the United States. Women in Vietnam had the saying: "When war comes, even women have to fight." The women who fought were the wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters of men who were recruited into military service. Because the war lasted so long, families often had women in different generations fighting alongside each other. Women learned to fire weapons, lay traps, serve
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