The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flight, and New Beginnings

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When we talk about the Vietnamese, most people will think them as refugees because of their history. The book “The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flight, and New Beginnings” by Sucheng Chan described the history of Vietnam; the Vietnamese refugees’ experiences and sufferings they had gone through while on boat to go out of Vietnam, and their settlements outside of Vietnam. The Vietnamese as refugees who had gone through many hardships while escaping to other countries. Vietnam had to fight for its independence from Japan and French. It made them suffered more when they had to fight against their own people during the Civil War. By trying to declare its independence, Ho Chi Minh started the revolution in the…show more content…
(20)” However, for many Vietnamese refugees in America, he was considered as a “bad” person who made them becoming the refugees and forces them to leave their hometown where they could never return to. America though herself as the domination power who did not want the Communist to be spread in Asia. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh’s theory was not agreed by America. Now that Communist ruled China and both the Korean War and the First Indochina War had ended in military and political stalemates, American foreign policy-makers became extremely paranoid about Communist expansion in Asia. Thinking in geopolitical terms, they envisioned countries as dominos; if one domino fell, it would set in motion the collapse of the ones lined up next to it. They supported the staunchly anti-Communist and devoutly Catholic Diem because they thought he could be a counterweight to Ho Chi Minh. (46) All this tensions between the North and the South; and between Communist Party and Democracy Party caused the Civil War. The wars in Vietnam became the chances for different countries to declare their power to the world; however, it would make the people who lived in Vietnam during the war suffered the most. They not only have to suffer from the war, but also had to fight against their own race of people. It may include their neighbors, friends, or even
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