The View Of Conduction Great Critique Sessions

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Here is my reading discussion/reflection journal for this week:
Article #1 Goods, Bads, and Dailies: Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques
The article discuss about the view of conduction great critiques sessions. Pixar Dailies is one of their techniques use in their meeting “The Chosen One” where it described “four of the young magicians perform a five-minute routine and then receive critique from the other kids in the group”(). They are 3 roles player into this techniques: presenter, facilitator, and recorders. Each roles play significant concept of providing affirmative & constructive criticism. The feedback is controlled in an affirmative and constructive setting “Good and Bad”. Pixar Dailies have an interesting set up
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For me, this is an excellent way of continue brainstorming new technique ideas for designs. As well as continue provide feedback on the design.
Article #2 “Paper in Screen” Prototyping: An Agile Technique to Anticipate the Mobile Experience
This article discuss about the prototyping that utilizes paper and mobile technology. It describe an idea of translating paper prototype system into a digital execution. You draw a paper prototype, take high-quality pictures of each prototype, edit the images, and organize them into the task scenarios. Paper prototypes provides a “quick means for testing basic interactivity that may be essential for specific design decision” (Bolchini 31).
This article provide excellent topic on paper prototype transforming into a “paper in screen” as well as analyze the three approach of prototype: paper, paper in screen, and high-fidelity. However, I rather like to see the author describe more of a paper prototype rather than focus on mobile device. The “paper-in-screen” offer unique content of a paper view on a screen, but you can’t do much nonetheless swipe to the next screen. In addition, it doesn’t make any mistakes. In the emotion sections of the paper, I also enjoy reading about the relationship of user experience and design. Visceral level “is the simplest and most important factor of degree” (Bolchini 31). In other word, the look, feel, and sound of the mobile device is important.

Article #3 Parallel Prototyping
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