The View Of The Beautiful City Jerusalem

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The beautiful city Jerusalem is recognized as one of the oldest and most importantly holiest cities in the world. The reason behind Jerusalem’s sacredness is because it is home to several of religious sites important to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jerusalem offers a numerous amount of religious history between the three cultures that share a fair amount of differences and similarities. In the Christianity sector, the city comprises of the central story of Jesus, as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is also known for its history of David and Abraham, two important figures in Judaism, and includes the western wall, making it the reason why it is a great focus in Judaism. Lastly, Islam’s believe it is where their prophet, Muhammed, travelled to during his night journey and where he ascended into heaven. In commemoration of Muhammed the Dome of Rock and the al-Asque mosque were built in Jerusalem. All in all, Jerusalem contains stories of Jesus, David, Abraham, Muhammed, as well as famous places of worship, making it known as a religious centre for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jerusalem is known as the birthplace of Jesus, where he preached, performed miracles, and where he was crucified, making this city an important part of Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, the one who was brought down to earth to pass the word of God. One of the reasons why Jerusalem is a significant part in Christianity is because their sacred text, the

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