The View Of The Bible Is Not By The God Cares For Me

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Introduction This paper is targeted at Christians struggling in difficult seasons, wondering if “God cares for me’. So, this writer will be using the difference or similarities from historical to contemporary situation, reflecting OT message. With the aim to enable application of this principle into present-day lives. The key concept is, God’s faithful love and promise. Body Hence, let us examine the Bible, their writings and contents. To shed light to struggling Christians. “Them” meaning ancient Israelites . OT is a collection of 39 Books, with testimonials revealing God; His activities ; experiences and encounters with God . So Bible is not “just a book”. It was written with purpose to reveal and testify to One and only God. Who is alive, active and everlasting . Also reveals that He is faithful to His word, purpose and character . What He says stands and will come to pass . Allow me to elaborate this further. OT begins by revealing God. The Creator of heavens, earth and every living beings , desiring to bless and have relationship. God’s nature is demonstrated, as He interacts with creation (loving, graceful, faithful, and patient ). Although sin entered the world, bringing death and severing the relationship . His unfailing love remains and will not be removed . History shows that God continues with His plan. God chooses Abraham, to bless all nations through him and his Seed . As they multiplied, covenantal promises were given through Moses. To instruct,

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