The View Of The Utopian Vision

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At this point, Pinker explains that the Utopian Vision is coming to an end with the support of the entire political spectrum. The Tragic Vision, on the other hand, has the ability to coexist with the entire political spectrum. This is due to the fact that Tragic Vision has flexibility and it allows for learning well as growth in human nature. Despite the fact that humans for the most part are selfish we have an ability to learn from our mistakes and grow from them and in this way the Tragic View encompasses the ideologies of both sides of the political spectrum. People from a left-wing often find it difficult coming to terms with recent discoveries of the modern sciences. They have a hard time abandoning their ideals, yet they cannot deny ticular innate parts of human nature. This could suggest that these two are not mutually exclusive, even though that is Pinker believes. The left wing may find some hope in Chomsky’s work. Chomsky works to defend the desire for the community desire for creative expression, as well as the innate cognitive endowment which involves an inborn language faculty. Such parts of human nature suggest that despite our desire for self-preservation, we may also have an equally powerful need for peaceful expression and community. Pinker then suggests that humans are willing to take part in reciprocity, and in that way are not completely selfish. For evidence, he brings forth the works of Herbert dentists and Samuel Bowles. Both men claim
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