The View of Women

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Throughout the world there is an idea that women are inferior to men which affects how they are treated in society. In the United States, young women are shown through the media and culture that they are nothing more than something to be desired by men. They are taught that in order for them to be successful the most look a certain way. Not only are women thought to look a certain but in a lot of place girls and women are not even aloud to get an education and even when they find jobs and try to succeed they earn less than men in the same position. In other countries around the world women are viewed simply as property of their father and husband, and have no value other than to be with a man. Many of these beliefs are based on several religions view that women are inferior to men. Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, speaks out for women who suffer from many abuses experienced like sexual abuse, child brides, and women and girl who are bought and sold into slavery. Throughout the world there needs to be a change on the way women are treated and perceived, girls should not have such a strenuous view of them, have access to an education, and be allowed to be their own person.
Throughout movies, television and even movies the same message is very clear, that the ideal women should be thin, light skinned, and perfect in every way. In all these forms of entertainment women are portrayed as mere sex objects. In a time that almost all children and teenagers are
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