The Views On Lincoln 's Presidency

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Historian’s Views on Lincoln’s Presidency After reading several historians’ texts regarding Lincoln’s opinions and policies toward slavery, and the unification of a nation as a whole, I distinguished that several authors have contending visions of Lincoln’s actions during his presidency. Some authors (Dirck, Guelzo, Striner) portray Lincoln as the great emancipator in depicting him as a crusader whose main purpose during the Civil War was only to accomplish the abolishment of slavery. In contrast, some authors (Escott, Gates, Foner, and McPherson) maintain a more critical stance on Lincoln’s decision to abolish slavery citing that his main goal was solely to preserve the Union and not out of a personal resentment towards slavery. This paper will examine these two divergent narratives regarding Lincoln’s view towards slavery and dissect each author 's’ thesis to gain a better understanding of Lincoln’s policies toward slavery during his tenure as president. The two very differing opinions on Lincoln will be analyzed to highlight the facts of each argument. During Lincoln’s presidency (1861-1865) many social issues such as the South succeeding and racial tensions were causing conflict among the general public. With the United States split in two, President Lincoln was left with the responsibility to make America united again. In 1861, the Civil War commenced because of the South seceding from the Union. It wasn’t until midway through the war that the focus…
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