The Views of Prophets on Different Issues

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Prophets on issues During the prophetic days, man began to drift away from the heart of God and the started creating their own cultures and beliefs. In most cultures and beliefs that were created, there were materialistic things which became the gods of men. There were social injustices within these cultures as well as many religious rituals. Idolatry is the worshiping of anything apart from the Lord, this strike at the point of people's relationship with God. Worshipping God also includes having good relationships with other people and this includes the vulnerable people in society. Religious ritualism is the dependence on worship rituals that are formalized and centered on sacrifices which are substitutes for genuine relationships with God (Charlestinsley, 2012). The Ten Commandments are all known and God had commanded that there should be no other Gods before him. Most people in those prophetic times were far away from God and they were very wicked in their hearts and deeds. Many prophets spoke on the issues of idolatry, social injustice and religious ritualism. The paper will look at examples of prophets speaking on these issues and how practical applications can be drawn from these teachings for today. The main focus on the prophets was issuing warnings to people on worshipping other gods and mistreating the poor. These warnings continue and the prophets state that social injustice and idolatry would lead to people being punished by God. A lot of time was spent by
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