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The Vigilance Project I. Rationale/Background PharMed International PharMed International is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. It was established two years ago when ValMed and PharmCO merged. PharMed is obligated to keep detailed records of how its drugs perform by relying on sophisticated database such as the Vigilance which will be used by division employees around the globe. The core team responsible for designing and implementing Vigilance has three members in the United States: Frank Lanigan, Carol Reynolds, and Mike Powell; and four members based in France:Didier Amrani, Karine Bareaut, Merline Bucquet and Fabrice Lemaire. In addition to the core team, five subteams were formed. Overall, half of…show more content…
The subteams continued to fall behind schedule, but the delivery date remained firm. The timeline slippages were obvious, but almost no one was willing to discuss them openly—least of all the Americans on the core team. According to Mike Powell, there was nothing subtle about the mounting stress and confusion: “Tensions had gotten to the point where people were actually storming out of meetings because they were frustrated by what they were being asked to do on short notice or without sufficient information.” In September, the U.S. core team members felt they needed to escalate their concerns. After consulting with Carol and Mike, Frank approached Lance Paulson, the head of the Drug Safety Division. According to Frank, Lance, who was also based in the U.S., took his concerns seriously and promised to act. “I assumed,” said Frank, “that meant Lance would work through Didier, perhaps coaching and counseling him on how to open up dialogue and communication within the core team and throughout the project overall.” Instead, Lance chose another approach. He sent an e-mail message to the entire division, not just those working on the Vigilance project. The message was sent under his name and that of his deputy director, Francine D’Aubigne, who was located in France. The e-mail message was a surprise to Vigilance team members, and to others throughout the Drug
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