The Viking Research Paper

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The Viking Age was from 800 to 1050 AD ("Where Did They Come From?”). During that time the Vikings attacked, plundered, and created their own culture in Scandinavia and other islands. The very first Vikings were from Scandinavia and most of them left their homeland to seek freedoms and fortunes elsewhere ( Staff.). There are many famous viking leaders, explorers, and gods. Many people think of Vikings as uncivilized and bloodthirsty, but many of the things that people think about the Vikings are not true. The very first Vikings made their homeland in Scandinavia ("History Of The Vikings.”). The most common occupation for Vikings during the viking age was farming and fishing ("Where Did They Come From?”). Other Vikings would also…show more content…
One famous viking explorer is Leif Eriksson. Eriksson was born in Iceland at about the year 970 (Nix). His father, Erik the Red, founded the very first Norse settlement later in Greenland (Nix). Leif Eriksson was the first European to ever go into North America. He arrived there around 500 years before Christopher Columbus (Nix). Eriksson and his fellow Vikings set up a camp in current day Newfoundland and harvested timber from there to take back to Greenland (Nix). Another famous viking is Erik the Red. Erik the Red is the father of Leif Eriksson. He received this nickname because he had red hair. He created the first viking settlement and it was estimated to have 5,000 members in the settlement (Nix). The settlement was eventually abandoned and is still today a mystery why it was…show more content…
The First places that the Vikings raided were Islands and mainly the coastal cities and villages of the British Isles. Their favorite targets would be undefended churches and monasteries along the coasts of those islands ( Staff.). The Vikings liked to raid those because they usually had wealth and mainly because they were undefended. In the Vikings’ religion, they felt that the religious places would be the most important places to defend, so during an invasion or attack those religious places would be the most heavily defended and protected
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