The Vikings: A Short Story

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It was a normal day in the castle of Goranson. All the townspeople were tending to their work when an explosion made a loud sound that ran throughout the castle. Townspeople stood there shocked as the castle stood in silence. After the seconds of silence another loud explosion shook the castle followed by arrows flying throughout the castle and vikings screaming as they charge in. Everyone ran to get to safety and the vikings never followed. They only had one mission, to get the king and destroy the castle. When all the noise had stopped and all the screams were silenced the townspeople went to look outside to see that the castle was all burnt down. One farmer had said “Quick find the king”. They all rushed into various buildings only to find the king was not there. “The king has been taken!” Someone yelled out, The sound of screaming rang throughout the castle. There were people running everywhere. They saw the viking that kidnapped the king. They ran as fast as they could to catch the viking but they weren't fast enough so they had to give up. The townspeople ran to get Tango the night, when Tango heard the news he had to assemble his team with only the…show more content…
They waited the night in a shed. Tango said “In the morning we shall go to the boat dock and board the ship to the Vikings Island.” When the morning arrived the group had left to the boat dock to board the ship. When they boarded the ship they realized no animals were allowed. Jose said “The only way is to sneak them on, but how” Tango responded with “We can board them in the storage”. The group has docked at the island. Tango asks “Now how will we find the viking lord.” The shepherd says he has heard of myths that he lives in the center of the volcano. “If the viking lives in the volcano then we must be on the way i can stay with the animals in case anything
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