The Viktor Frankl

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Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist, astutely believed, “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves” (“Viktor”). As a Holocaust survivor, Frankl remained helpless throughout his entire time at multiple concentration camps (“Viktor”). Yet his arduous experience was invaluable in revealing an important difficulty. Many other experienced people, in addition to Frankl, have discovered the presence of challenges associated with change. Multiple sources indicate that overwhelming external conditions and fixed traditional mindsets are primarily responsible for restricting one’s ability to change, in spite of some optimists’ firm belief that anyone can change.
An article entitled “Dating Violence: A High School Student’s Nightmare” by Nina Burleigh and the allegory Animal Farm are two of many literary sources which illustrate that overwhelming external conditions prevent people from successfully changing themselves. The article, “Dating Violence: A High School Student’s Nightmare”, by Nina Burleigh, is focused on a single victim of dating violence. Sarah Van Zanten was a victim of teen dating abuse, facing “insults and demands, and, finally, physical abuse” from an unhealthily possessive boyfriend (Burleigh 1). Sarah had difficulty in changing herself and realizing that she deserved better because she faced a tremendous external load (Burleigh 4). The article states that not only was Sarah in an abusive
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