The Village Of Pleasantville Board Meetings

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. The village of Pleasantville conducts public board meetings every second and fourth Monday of each month. On rare occasions, for further discussion on serious issues or concerns of Pleasantville, the village board will conduct meetings—like a public hearing—on other weekdays. These meetings are located in the conference room on the second floor of the Village hall, which is also next to the Pleasantville Police Station. The village board consists of four trustees—Steven Lord, Mindy Berard, Colleen Griffin Wagner and Joseph Stargiotti—a mayor—Peter Scherer—a village clerk—Judith Weintraub—and the village administrator—Patricia Dwyer. The village board members were dressed in semi-casual business attire, which appropriately fit their position. The members sat in a congressional layout, which looked like the formation of a half circle or crescent. This allowed the audience to see each individual’s face and it is easier to identify who is speaking. They also used parliamentary motions when they spoke. The purpose of the village of Pleasantville board meetings is to discuss and resolve present issues and future events that are happening or are expected to happen in the Pleasantville area. Residents have the opportunity to either post questions for the village board to answer on their website or they can call the board live on the telephone. The trustees and the mayor usually dominated the entire conversation and were the only people who were permitted to speak during the…
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