Essay on The Village

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Isolation Social isolation refers to a lack of contact with members of one’s kind. In humans, it may be caused by a persistent withdrawal or avoidance of social contact or communication. It can contribute toward many emotional, behavioral and physical disorders including anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, addictions, substance abuse, and violence. In the film, The Village, written by M. Night Shyamalen, the villagers demonstrate the ritual view of communication throughout the entire movie. The Ritual View of Communication is composed up of a sense of belonging; a sense of understanding in the community, a version of reality, and language for what we want to be true and believe is real. The village was created, maintained, …show more content…
To do this plan they made huge scary costumes and would occasionally dress up in them and scare people. The town was all brainwashed that the forest was not safe and that no one without permission from the elders should go in there. Feared for their lives no one really went into the forest thinking that they could be attacked by these made up mystical creatures. To transform is to change in form, appearance, or structure. Transform is used in the village in many ways. They transformed the village into a village made up of all these rituals and lies. The elders brainwashed the entire community to thinking that yellow was a safe color and red was an unsafe and bad color. For instance, the guard who was watching out for the monsters would wear a yellow cloak making him safer from being attacked. Another example of transform is when the elders change from their self into a horrifying creature. Repaired: to fix or mend. This village needs a lot of emotional help. Everyone has been lied to and told things that are completely barbaric. The villagers wouldn’t know how to survive in the real world. The real world is nothing like the village that they are used to growing up in. Sometimes people need to face reality instead of just hiding away. Life is hard but people get through the tough times and move on with their lives. Produce: to create by physical or mental effort, to manufacture. As you know by now the elders
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