The Village of Dier Yassin

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The Village of Dier Yassin Dier Yassin is a village inside the British mandate of Palestine. In 1948, at the time of the Israeli war of independence, from the 9-11 of April Dier Yassin was attacked. Over 100 Arabs were killed on the Haganna and Stern Gang war path between Jaffa and Jerusalem. This was a turning point in the Arab Israeli conflict and some claim that it started the Palestinian refugee crisis.

This attack, however, was a small part of a bigger conflict in which the Arab contingent started war on the newly created Israel. The conflictarose from decades of old competing nationalists and as a
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His main aim to create sympathy for the Arab nation thus enforcing their claim to the land.

As stated earlier the source is written by the PLO and is part of a propaganda leaflet, it is a biased account from one of the fighting sides; it attempts to discredit the Israelis and so cultivate support for the Palestinians.

The author was probably not an eyewitness as the source is written in 1984, which is over 30yrs after the event. Often, secondary sources written after the event can be useful and reliable as they reflect a wider picture and writers have access to a wider range of sources. Moreover the source was written by an official spokesman for the PLO, who would have access to a lot of information. Some of the information in the source can be corroborated through cross reverence to other souces. However, in this case I think, because of the writer’s obvious views, the lapse in time will have given rise to a myth of error in account: indeed some of the language noted above is very myth-like. There may also be a question that they were allowed to speak freely; although it was written by the PLO in Palestine, Israel still had a lot of control over the Palestinian territories.

I think this source is aimed at Arabs and other countries, apart from Israel, to both enrol freedom fighters and to create hatred of Israel.

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