The Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

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Mary Wollstonecraft, a Futuristic Feminist This research project addresses the work of Mary Wollstonecraft, "The Vindication of the Rights of Women". To investigate this, I will first summarize her work and someone else 's interpretation of it, then analyze the author, voice, message and significance, and finally analyze the two works to answer the question, "What are the current ideas about your philosopher? How have their ideas influenced us today?". My first souce will be the primary source of the Vindication, and my secondary source will be Matilde Martin Gonzalez 's interpretation of this work. The investigation does not address, however, the thoughts of people in Mary Wollstonecraft 's time about her work. Mary Wollstonecraft’s electrifying “The Vindication of Women’s Rights” is an inspirational article about gender equality. She begins by proving that society encourages sacrificing morality in order to ascend the ranks of the social order. She then goes on to say that this is actually self-detrimental to society because morality is the true cause of happiness and self-aware thinkers, which create better leaders. She identifies the base of morality as hard work to earn rewards, not just receiving luxury because you were born into wealth or status, and to be content with little things. Connecting this to women’s rights, she explains that men are automatically born more powerful than women because of restricting rights enacted by a merciless government. Therefore, men
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