Essay on The Vindication of Rights of Women

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In Mary Wollstonecraft’s essay “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” she constantly compares men and women. Her comparisons range from their physical nature to their intelligence, and even down to the education that each sex receives. Wollstonecraft states, “In the government of the physical world it is observable that the female in point of strength is, in general, inferior to the male.”(line 1.35-37) to show that women are inferior to men in physicality, and a number of areas throughout the essay, yet through it all she voices her concerns for the rights of women and how well deserved they are. Throughout mankind’s history there has been an obvious bias towards men. Men have always been deemed superior…show more content…
In Wollstonecraft’s statement she says that men make women alluring objects for ‘a moment’, for a moment, so when the men are done using their women they are no longer useful to them; it’s not right. This kind of treatment has been going on ever since the beginning of humankind, so Mary Wollstonecraft decided to stand of for her fellow women. Even in modern society there is still bias towards women, it might be at work, in politics, in school, or even at home. Even 200 years later after Mary Wollstonecraft wrote her essay, there are still close-minded, and biased people. In her essay, she says, “…women, intoxicated by the adoration which men, under the influence of their senses, pay them, do not seek to obtain a durable interest in their heart, or to become the friends of the fellow creatures who find amusement in their society.”(lines 1.41-44), and this statement is as true today as it was two centuries ago. She is right, even today there are women that aid in their own degradation, they allow men to treat them like tools, and they do not care. The values of finding a man and truly winning his heart have not been instilled in these women therefore
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