The Violation Of Reproductive Freedom

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Violation of Reproductive Freedom
Up until the 1970s, a number of US states participated in the involuntary sterilization of women considered to be “feeble-minded” (Goering, 2014). California, the state with the highest number of involuntary sterilizations at the time, commonly saw this procedure happen to women who were either incarcerated, committed to mental asylums, or otherwise considered to be unfit mothers (Bouche & Rivard, 2014). The scientists and doctors performing these sterilizations were motivated by the greater good they believed they would to bring individuals and the whole of society.
In actuality, these particular eugenicists had deeply rooted discriminatory prejudices as well as numerous scientific inaccuracies built into their presumptions. Gender, race, and class were problematic variables in these assumptions of motherly aptitude, and their effects unfortunately impacted individuals by stripping them of their reproductive rights (Bouche & Rivard, 2014). This example is not the only way in which the controversy of classism emerges in the field of eugenics.
Classist Polarization
In more recent years, the notion has come about that that couples and individuals may take an interest in eugenics on behalf of their potential offspring. The idea is that people of their own free will choose to partake in these scientific advances in order to benefit their children and give them genetics that the parents personally find to be advantageous. However, this option
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