The Violence Of Abu Ghraib

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Abu Ghraib is a prison that is located in the Iraqi city. Late 2002, the U.S military took control over the prison which housed many Muslim prisoners. Abu Ghraib incident is notorious for all of the abuse that took place and what the U.S had done to the Muslims. Regardless whether or not the prisoners were “innocent” it is still unethical for one to commit such a heinous crime. Initially I had thought the U.S were the most dominant and they do everything correctly. Although we are the most dominant, we certainly do not do everything correctly. There are countless incidents where the U.S can be at fault but most people are blinded by popular culture and social media to realize the global events. There is a quote by Talib Kweli that goes, “The problem with our role is Americans live in a world of illusion”. We do in fact live in an illusion because we do not know what actually goes on in the world. All this time I had thought the U.S was better than everyone else but in reality we are just as flawed as any other country. We are capable of committing the same destruction we originally intended to stop. After watching the documentary in class, it made me think in a new perspective. Muslims view us as a bad society and in most cases they believe we interfere too much with other countries. To an extent this may be true because we were supposed to promote peace, but rather the results contradicted our whole goal. My view on culture has in fact changed because I went from one
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