The Violence Of Football And Football

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America is one of the most sports crazy countries in the world, At the helm of that is debatably the most popular sport in America, football. However, as there is advances in science and more data comes out to start understanding more about human anatomy, and at the same time sports becomes bigger in the U.S.. More concern is raised about football. Football could be considered one of the most violent sports along with rugby and hockey. As more National Football League players are coming forward with mental illnesses such as alzheimer 's post concussion syndrome and more linked to football more fear of concussions has been raised. These former players now blame the NFL for these mental illnesses which are largely lead on to believe that they are the results of numerous concussions. So many identities form around this as at the high school level if we get a headache after a hit a quick first thought is,”Do I have a concussion.” With this high school football players have all injuries centered around concussions which must be taken seriously. Although, with all of this evidence against football a few ideas remains being how dangerous are concussions, what is being done, what has been done, and is the NFL, NCAA, and high school level organizations doing enough. CTE stands for Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a disease that occurs in the brain and progressively degenerates it as a result of brain trauma. This disease has been associated with boxing since the 1920’s. Not
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