The Violence Of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz

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Gustavo Diaz Ordaz became president of the United States of Mexico in 1964, years before the massacre, that took place in October 2, 1968 at ”la plaza de las Tres Culturas” in Mexico city, better known as “Tlatelolco Massacre” (“Mexico 's 1968 Massacre”). It was supposed to be an unarmed peacefull protest, but at sunset the police and military forces equipped with armored cars and tanks surrounded the plaza and began firing into the open crowd. The police fire hit not only the protestors but also innocent bystanders.
It all started when the students decided to organize and protest against the violence exerted by the riot police. During the previous months, Mexico City witnessed a series of student protests and rallies against repression and violence. (“Mexico 's 1968 Massacre”) for example on August 13, a large demonstration of around 150,000 participants gathered to protest, a protest that ended outside of the palace of governor. On 13 September the "march of silence ”took place, this was a protest of more than 250,000 people, where they all remained silent to prevent the police put the pretext of provocation by students (“Movimiento estudiantil de 1968”).

This was also lead by student movements that were breaking out all over the world including: France, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Argentina, Japan and the United States.

A great deal of evidence seems to support that the person who was responsible for all the damage in Mexico was the former president Diaz Ordaz. Diaz

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