The Violence Of Police Brutality

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Background Context First, it is crucial to note that police brutality is not synonymous to racism against a particular group. However, there is a stigma that police often racially profile a specific African Americans. In February 2015, two cases of police brutality did not involve African Americans; instead the two victims were a Hispanic shot and killed in Washington State and an Indian-American severely paralyzed in Alabama. Even with this considered, of late, a majority of police brutality cases have involved minorities and specifically African American males. Cases such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have sparked a cultural uprising. These trigger event inspired the protests and riots against police brutality demonstrating collective action and physical violence, but the idea of police brutality is much larger than these individual cases, since it is a reoccurring cycle. Since a majority of cases revolve around the African American community, analysis will be considered through those cases. African Americans are a community of historically oppressed people. Briefly, slavery was an American institution that enslaved the black race for over 300 hundred years. White superiority dominated American culture and any person of color was viewed as inferior. Slaves did not possess the mental psyche to be law abiding citizens so they had to be under their master’s protection. Although the proslavery ideals are almost two centuries old, the idea of white supremacy still
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