The Violence Of Police Brutality

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Everywhere you look there is a new video or story of police brutality. These stories fill the news and cog everyone’s social network feeds. At the same time the president is giving a speech on the topic, thousands of people are marching with “Black Lives Matter” as their battle cry. We all know the names Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray. How can our society continue with this devastation done to us by the people meant to protect us? How could anyone let it become this atrocious? The simple truth is that it is improving every day. At this moment in the history of the United States we have the best police force we have ever had. There are more regulations and accountability placed on officers of the law presently than any other time. It is disheartening that we forget the amount of abuse and loss suffered by past generations to bring about reform and enhance the justice system of our society. Forgetting our past clouds what actions are needed to improve the future. Americans are misinformed to the severity of police violence in this society because of the news, social media, and the police themselves.
To say the media is bias is an understatement. One could just look at the political coverage and easily identify which party the network supports. However when it comes to news and current events being bias or disingenuous can have massive results and spread misinformation. The news promotes stories that bring in ratings or bolster their narrative. These actions have been

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