The Violence Of Teen Pregnancy

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The media plays a huge role in an adolescent’s choice to participate in drinking, drugs, and smoking. The media spends on average twenty-five billion dollars per year on advertising tobacco, alcohol among other things; this advertising is at the fingertips of America’s adolescent’s. All of these media in contradictory to the “just say no” policy that parents try to enforce, all adolescents see is yes. Adolescents view approximately one thousand to two thousand alcohol and tobacco advertisements in a year. The odds of being exposed to an advertisement for drinking or smoking are far more likely than an advertisement for safety and good choices. What sort of values is reality TV sending to the children? I wonder what the glorification of teen pregnancy does to the minds of our youth. This holds true for smoking, drinking, or whatever else the media decides to portray on television. It does not have to be just substance abuse it could in general be the bachelor. The issue is that while the media does have campaigns for anti substance abuse you always see the portrayal of death and destruction. This has a minimal effect in that while most people will focus on the death factor it will only be for a short amount of time. That is for most people. On the other hand commercials with alcohol or smoking portray a glamorous life of fun and happiness. Generally speaking these are the memories that people will focus on. Another example is those commercials that make us laugh
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