The Violence Of The Youth

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After a long day at school, the average student comes home and reaches for the remote, turning on whatever reality show is playing. To watch the news was never a thought in the student’s head. New conflicts arise daily throughout the world without many people having any idea. With an uninformed youth comes either no voting, or voting based solely on what they see on the media. “Youth believe that government and elections are not relevant to things they care about” (Child Trend Database). The media is where most millennials get all of their incorrect information from. In this day and age, it is harder to retain correct information without bias. With that being said, it is of the uttermost importance that the youth start doing their research and become informed on the daily world issues and their role as a citizen. There is a common misconception within the youth that their vote does not matter, leading to disregard about world politics. Young adults are the future politicians, supreme court justices, lawyers, police officers, doctors. If they are not educated, they will not be able to perform their jobs to their full potential. It is crucial that the youth starts informing themselves about world issues so they can get involved and make a difference. To add to that, they must be getting their information from reliable sources. It is critical to have a knowledgeable voting populous because decisions need to be made about war, public policy, and economics. War is an ongoing

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