The Violence Prevention Alliance

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Resistance The Violence Prevention Alliance, an initiative by the WHO, defines interpersonal violence as violence against an individual or a community. It further subdivides this definition into two categories; family and community violence. The first, family violence is described as an act of violence against an intimate partner, children or elders while the latter refers to violence against acquaintances and strangers including property crimes and vandalism (Mitchell and M.D., pg. 64-68). In nature, interpersonal violence can be physical, sexual or psychological in nature. Such forms of violence may be fueled by factors such as neglect, greed, jealousy, desire or other such motives. Interpersonal violence can be classified into many forms including, but not restricted to domestic violence, child abuse, kidnapping, harassment and rape. Most victims of interpersonal violence often are weak targets who either do not resist, or are not trained or equipped to resist against their attacker. Moreover, most might fear that if their resistance doesn't bear fruit, it will only provoke their attacker further and they might end up being harmed more than originally planned hence they often give in to the criminal's demands. It is said that in most cases, the victim often is aware of the criminal's identity yet chooses not to report the crime to the authorities. This happens because of a variety of factors; the victim might not be able to prove that the crime happened leaving the
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