The Violence, The Religious And Violence

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This world that we are currently living in is very insecure. The violence, the religious background, the memories, the enemies, the overcoming; our different circumstance of life’s meaning, and how we deal with it. The really insecure part of it all is that literally anything can happen. Any moment, any blink of an eye, any second, in fact any millimetre of a second.
Meanwhile, any measurement of time that anything event could happen, it matters how we choose to do action that identifies who we are, of the impact. Anything can happen. Sometimes these things happen eventually, and we as humans become really frustrated, and angry. Why?
Because we do not understand. We do not know why. We do not know the purpose. Or did not deserve it at all. These are the common situations of how we deal with the outcome. Most people know the appropriate way to handle these situations such as having enough hope, faith, and eventually moves on. Other times, we do know the appropriate way, yet we take it further to the opposition of taking revenge and prey on people harmfully such as abducting, kidnapping, raping, persecute, etc. Sometimes, these events occur based on the obsession of technology; antisocial. They think it is so unfair to them, and wants to see it recur again to someone as a way of joy to them; In order for them to finally feel the fairness. Which of course is unacceptable, therefore is not fair at all. And who came up with all that revenge situations anyways because
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