The Violent Tendencies Fed By Violent Words Charter In

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The Violent Tendencies Fed by Violent Words charter in the book The Community of Self, emphasized how exposing children to words of violence through many outlets in society has caused an aggressive, violent nation. Because mental images and experiences makes people who they are (), it is imperative to be selective in what children see and hear. As a child, parents allow children to watch cartoons without considering the violent tendencies subtly displayed in them. For example, the words or images of violence, rebellion, and slavery displayed in cartoons such as the Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny have shaped children and made them just as violent (). Society is even filled with the misconception that people are hopeless victims of our evil…show more content…
As Akhbar () stated, the more violence we are exposed to, the more violent we become and the more evil we observe, the more evil we become. When the social-cognitive learning theory is influenced by the words and behaviors of violent models, it becomes essential that people start to carefully select the kinds of experiences and people in which they expose themselves and their children to (). The psychosocial theory also has a significant influence to this chapter because it emphasizes that society and culture challenge and shape people, as changes happen in their interactions with other people (pear). If people cannot interact with others properly because of their violent nature learned through societal factors, they will not be able to address the crisis of each psychosocial stage sufficiently. This theory suggests that growth and change are continuous throughout the life span (pear), but people cannot continue to grow properly if they are stagnant with violent tendencies. African Americans quite often experience lifestyles in impoverished, inner-city neighborhoods. Violence generally consumes these types of neighborhood. In this instance, it no longer matters whether children from these neighborhoods are exposed to violence on the television because it is a daily part of their lives. Most people would positively use their negative background and experiences to strive

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