The Virgin Group Companies Are Part Of One Big Family Who

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The Virgin Group companies are part of one big family who forms a commonwealth of shared ideas, interests, values, and goals, who are empowered to run their own affairs, actively help one another, and offer solutions to internal business problems (LinkedIn, 2017). The company floats the Virgin name and iconic red logo in front of their core businesses – i.e. Virgin Mobile, Virgin America, and Virgin Active – to create the consistency that is recognizable by consumers and competition. Through consistent designing, messaging, and quality products and services, the Virgin Group have been recognized globally for going above and beyond for their consumer base who want more than the basic service. This is achieved through a belief in value for…show more content…
Distribution The Virgin Group is a conglomerate with branded businesses and capital ventures that have major shareholders and licensing deals. Big-branded companies like Virgin Money, Virgin Media, Virgin Trains, and Virgin Atlantic have shareholders, while companies like Virgin Mobile USA & Australia, Virgin Music, and Virgin Radio are licensed deals that bring in royalty fees that can amount to hundreds of millions over time (Wachman, 2012). Strategic partnerships allow for business to grow, expansion of the brand, and extended the reach of consumers. Communications The Virgin Group and founder Sir Richard Branson communication and marketing strategy approach consumers and competition with creative and meaningful messaging that turns individuals into loyal consumers and competition scrambling to feature their unappealing consumer options. With their biggest cheerleader being Branson, addition celebrities and positive figures appear as bonus advertising and media exposure. In addition to reaching consumers and the general public with a multichannel advertising strategy, the company sponsors sports, health, and philanthropy events and programs that add to the firm 's positive brand image. Advertising  The Group 's approach to advertising has been built on the back of free opportunities afforded to the firm by digging competitive fun into their

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