The Virgin Mary Was Vital To The Structure, Spread, And

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The Virgin Mary was vital to the structure, spread, and development of early and medieval Christianity. She represents the Queen of Heaven and the Throne of Wisdom but also the link between all humans to God. She is not considered a deity, but she is responsible for bringing God to humanity. Along with saints she is an important intercessory figure that people look up to. Her compassion as a women and a human challenged the male-ruled system. She is seen as a symbol and more than just a women, but a perfect and virtuous women, who was deemed the agent of the incarnation of God through Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary was resented by Jews, but those who preached of her allowed the Virgin Mary to be seen as a women whose purpose is to nurture…show more content…
Her role has also been to connect with women and become their role model. What the Virgin Mary did for women was allow them to devote their lives to Christianity in a world in which they are deemed less powerful and when there is a social aspect of inequality present. The Virgin Mary was an example of a strong, determined women who has the power to take action in a time period full of injustice. Women during this time were attracted to the idea of a release from a patriarchal cultural. Women lacked financial and economic autonomy and dependence on their husbands made it difficult break out of their societal expectations. The Virgin Mary was able to empower women everywhere, and because she is seen as a mobile figure, she can be called to help essentially anyone who believes in her. Heroines were created from her influence causing even more of Christianity’s social ideals to spread as well as the importance of self-discipline and avoidance of indulgence. Women’s bright new image of themselves derailed the dominance of men and gave them courage to live radical lives in order to spread their faith. Women like Marcella, Melania, and Egeria chose to be transformed as they lived life on the edge of society. Women created their own social movement which influenced other women to branch out from their household roles into preachers, prophets, and patrons. Overall, the Virgin Mary had a huge impact which had a domino effect of the enormous spread of Christianity.

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