The Virgin Suicides

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How does the Sofia Coppola, in The Virgin Suicides, use a range of stylistic features (film techniques) to display the movies themes and with what effect on the audience? INTRO: Director Sofia Coppola uses a range of film techniques to display themes of obsession, the superficiality of vision and isolation from the real world in her film The Virgin Suicides. Through use of symbolism, characterization, setting and techniques specific to a film such a soundtrack, Coppola is able to construct the intricate, mysterious and unfathomable world of the Lisbon sisters. The story of the five sisters, told through the eyes of a group of neighborhood boys obsessed with their mere existence, becomes somewhat of an urban myth. Their tragedy…show more content…
These quotations convey the way in which Mrs. Lisbon’s fear of the outside world literally to kills her daughters. OTHER THEMES THE SUPERFICIALITY OF VISION: The superficiality of vision is a theme that is evident throughout Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. The film, set in suburban America in the 1990’s, emulates the need for facades and the importance of ‘keeping up appearances’. The character of Mrs. Lisbon in particular, is one that represents the need for conformity throughout the film. Mrs. Lisbon values the importance of appearances above all else and aims to fit in with the perfect wholesome, all-American family ideal that was apparent at this period of time. Mrs. Lisbon obsessed with the appearance the family projects ‘Lux put your shirt back on this instant’ The News reporters The lisbons are a symbol of destruction and chaos in their otherwise perfect neighbourhood – the dying elm tree that they refuse to cut down, SEPARATION FROM REAL LIFE QUOTES: ‘elm trees. How many pages can you write about dying trees?’ ‘’everyone dates the demise of our neighborhood from the suicides of the Lisbon girl. People saw their clairvoyance in the wiped-out elms, the harsh sunlight and the continuing decline of our auto industry.’ ‘she was the still point of the turning world’ ‘I never got
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