The Virginian by Owen Wister

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The character of the Virginian is introduced in Medicine Bow when on business. While in Medicine Bow he plays cards with a cowboy named Trampas. Trampas accuses the Virginian of cheating to which the Virginian pulls out a gun in the effort to stop the accusations. This causes Trampas to develop a hatred for the Virginian and that’s when their rival began. Throughout the book there is conflict between Trampas and the Virginian eventually leading to the Virginian killing due to a threat that Trampas made toward him.
The next important event in the book is when the Virginian meets Molly Wood, the new school teacher from Vermont civilized society. They eventfully fall in love with each other. Molly has trouble adjusting to the way that they carry out justice in the west but eventually decides that she will adapt to this new society in order to marry the Virginian and be at peace. Molly finds it especially hard that the Virginian has to oversee a lynching of his friend who committed a crime. At one point she tells the Virginian that he must choose between her and killing Trampas. The Virginian chooses killing Trampas but Molly marries him deciding that she loves him enough to adjust to this new way of life.
The characters of Molly and the Virginian represent the differences between the east and the west at the time. Molly comes from Vermont which had settled far longer than Wyoming, enough to establish polite society.…

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