Essay about The Virtrues of Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin seem to prove to everyone how articulate, intelligent and sophisticated this man was. He wrote about the trials he underwent to become the writer he is known as today. He even was so intelligent he sought out to publish in his autobiography what virtues would have you “arriving at the door of moral perfection” (90). He wanted to show everyone that becoming perfect wasn't as arduous as everyone had thought. Benjamin Franklin was true Renaissance Man born at a different time period, Non-Religious and he indeed was being a sharp-witted mind that believed slavery was inhumane. Benjamin Franklin’s three personality traits that he exhibits are exhibited in Frederick Douglass.
The first trait these two men
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Douglass thought to be a true Christian, you must treat others right and have proper morals and virtues to life by. They both just thought Religion should not be mixed with who you were. That you should always be a good person regardless of what you believed in. The third trait these two men exhibited was these men persistent in what they believed in. They both believed in Justice. This in fact was one of Franklin’s virtues. “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty...”(93). In other words he was saying that you should never do bad to others no matter the case. This may have been Benjamin’s strongest trait because he was a stubborn man. He was a firm believer in treating everyone fair. Frederick had the same trait where he thought treating people unfairly (especially black/slaves/women) was injustice to humanity. He did fight against these barbaric judicial powers and fought for civil rights. Frederick was also stubborn as well. For the rest of these men's’ lives they did live with these traits and are well known now a days for them.
In brief, these men had strong characteristics but shared these traits the most. But unique and alike in the same way, they help build America’s Political and Social standards in their lifetime. Benjamin was a man known for his many talents and Frederick Douglass was a man known as a great
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