The Virtual Child Project I Did Not Have Any Expectations?

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When I started the Virtual Child project I did not have any expectations because I really I did not know what to expect. At the end of the project, I was surprised how much the child turned out like myself. My virtual child was a girl, and I named her Ava. She was born about four weeks premature, only weighing four and half pounds and had an Apgar score of six. Ava also had jaundice. So she needed a few days of neonatal care. During that time, the doctors also wanted to make sure that she could regulate her body temperature. After five days, Ava Apgar score went up to eight. So she was able to go home.
The first week with Ava at home, I notice that she got hungrier than most premature babies and she slept a lot. She would wake up when she was hungry and then go back to sleep after being fed. So I began waking Ava up for some parent-baby bonding time, which involved talking/singing out loud and dancing with her in my arms by doing this I believe that it made Ava more active and curious about her environment. As the weeks went on I noticed that Ava does not want to eat much anymore and she is not gaining weight like she should be. I figured that her digestive system must be a little sensitive, so I started to feed her in small amounts frequently throughout the day.
When Ava three months old, she was usually calm and in a good mood, but when she did get upset it is easy to calm her back down. For instance after Ava’s meals she sometimes gets fussy all you have to do is hold…
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