The Virtual Law Office Services

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A useful technology that is made available to law firms is on demand cloud based services. There are several cloud services offered to users, specifically two that are to legal firms are the delivery of legal services online, otherwise known as virtual law office services, and remote access at home to your office computer/s. With the advancement of these services life of the lawyer is made easier, money is saved and less time is consumed running around gathering documents and other sensitive client information. For the purpose of this paper we will go over these two services. The virtual law office is handy as it allows the use of secure online portals by clients to communicate and work with attorneys online. Also, the virtual law office service combines “web-based case and client management products with time, billing and document management” (Kimbro, S. L., & Mighell, T. (2011, October)). They also offer and array of other legal office features which include “access to form libraries, law libraries, calendaring, invoicing, document assembly and automation features, and online client intake procedures, among other features” (Kimbro, S. L., & Mighell, T. (2011, October)). Two sites that offer legal services online are and Both of which provides a secure online portal, access to encrypted attorney-client communication, the ability to pay for services with a credit card and access to an abundance of legal forms and documentation which can
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