The Virtual Police Department And The Problems That It Faces Today Essay

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This paper will consist of an overview of the Virtual Police Department, the history of that department and the problems that it faces today. I will analyze a few of the many issues within the department and use all the resources available to find what benefits the department the most. The Virtual Police Department was created 63 years ago and is a medium sized department with 155 sworn officers, as well as 70 civilian employees. The standards for being hired in this department are minimal and because their turnover rate for personnel is high, with a majority of them being experienced officers from supervisory and command levels; leadership has struggled. This has caused an issue, where their current department leaders have been around for roughly 15 years, and over 30% of its current staff having been hired within the last 5 years. All of the seasoned officers have exited and promotions were required, even if they were not necessarily earned and/or deserved. There is a positive out of this however, since the department is young, implementing these strategies now, will allow the department to work long term reform to regain the glory it has always had. I have identified four of the most critical issues/problems facing the Virtual Police Department that I believe need to be solved. First, I would look at the hiring process and make some much needed change within this department. Then, I will look into the budget and see what can be changed to better support the department.

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