The Virtual Reality Simulation Environment For Assembly Analysis

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Cloud based IoT interactions to support simulation analysis using VAE (don’t change this title, use it in last section of paper befor examples)
In this section, we discuss a case study involving use of the Virtual Reality simulation environment for assembly analysis (VAE?) and GENI resources; the primary emphasis was to compare suitability of remote collabora- tion protocols that can support several engineers from different locations to analyze the design of micro parts and propose, compare and validate/modify assembly plans. The GENI resources utilized in this case study included the ProtoGENI aggregate [4], and the OnTimeMeasure [6] software for instrumentation and measurement.

The potential benefits for allowing a user to collaborate with remote experts while assessing a part’s design by utilizing virtual reality environments and other tools is attractive to both education and commercial manufacturing segments. Vir- tualization and cloud-based resources offer affordable as well as on-demand methods for students in K-12 and universities to learn about advanced manufacturing problems without the need of expensive local resources. Research efforts has emphasized the emergence of cyber physical frameworks to support assembly of micro devices [include Lu and Cecil IJAMT paper reference here}. Commercial partners can participate in collaborative virtual analysis of designs in an on-demand and scalable manner using the elastic resource reservation capabilities

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