The Viscosity Of Different Formulation At 10 % Water

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The viscosity of different formulation at 10% water as follows, F1 (28±6.08 Cp), F2 (257±12.12 Cp), F3 (181±23.26 Cp) and F4 (141±29.82). This might be to the semisolid characteristics of Cremophor RH while T80 is liquid at room temperature [36]. It was stated that the introduction of Cremophor RH surfactant into the interface film increases progressively a number of ethylene oxide units available for bonding with the surrounding water molecules, providing a much higher extent of hydration as well as droplet interactions compared to T20 [9].
4.10. Nasal ciliotoxicity study:
The mucosa of the nose is very important for its proper function as a barrier to foreign matters and drug absorption. A nasal drug delivery system must undergo the evaluation of its irritation to the nasal mucosa. In this study, histological study of the nasal mucosa was performed to claim the potential toxic influences or the expected drug/excipient irritations.
The nasal mucosa treated with PBS (pH 6.8, -ve control) exhibited intact ciliated respiratory epithelium and normal goblet cells, appearance with no nasociliary damage (figure 5a). Conversely, the nasal mucosa was extensively damaged with loss of nasal cilia and even the dipper tissue part destroyed (figure 5b) upon use of +ve control "isopropyl alcohol" [37]. On the other hand, The nasal mucosa treated with MEs (figure 5c-5f) showed no signs of mucosal cell damage, no signs of remarkable destructive effects and no
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