The Vision And Purpose Of A Starting Entrepreneur

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The Vision and Purpose The vision of a starting entrepreneur is to purchase an ecommerce system to help market her virtual thrift store targeting women between the ages of 15 through 60. The store will offer fashionable and affordable clothing, costume jewelry, shoes, purses, scarves and purses. The entrepreneur read the “11 Common Ecommerce Mistakes -- and How to Fix Them” by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff and wants to take her advice. Following the majority of the instructions provided by Lonoff’s article the thrift store owner would like to act upon 9 out of 11 key check marks. She wants to focus on the following: a secure ecommerce site protected by HTTPS, seamless site navigation, good quality product images, add product descriptions, a very easy and fast check out process, multiple carrier options, a mobile optimized version of the site, to make the content sharable on social media and having visible contact us information. The purpose of this paper is to explore a world of ecommerce platforms and to choose one that satisfies all of the owner’s needs. The Challenge One of the major tasks this aspiring entrepreneur has to focus on before launching her new business is to find the absolute best information system technology available. Business owners should know exactly what they want their IS platform to do for them before they unveil their business to customers. Clarity and trust on their vision will help select the appropriate tools. However, when an entrepreneur creates a
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