The Vision Of The Hudson County 's Community Health Needs Assessment

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This paper will enumerate the vision of the Hudson County health officials for the residents of the county. The paper will further elaborate on the enactment of the county’s community health needs assessment. To this end, the paper will further discuss the strategic planning process proposed by the county for improving the health of their community. The strategy for Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) will be featured in this paper. The Strategic plan of the Hudson Health Care Officials as depicted by this paper included data collection and analysis; the Identification and prioritization of critical public health issues within the Hudson County; Identification of resources to improve issues; and the enactment of plans to improve the health issues identified within the county. The paper will also elaborate on the ability of the county to fulfill the task of improving the critical health issues identified through the MAPP processes. Finally, an inferred conclusion will be made based on my research into the proposed 2007 Hudson County’s community health improvement plan.

The Vision of the Hudson County in New Jersey is that of a healthy diverse community driven by the needs of the people to have adequate access to quality and affordable health care; in an effort to achieve this goal the leaders of the community are engaged in effective community dialogue, to promote disease prevention, social improvement and a stronger, public health

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