The Vision Of Walt Disney Essay

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“An idealized rendering of small-town America, the values, the feel, the ethics, all of that. What Disney’s trying to do at some level of awareness is to create an image of America that people would like to think exists.”
-Steven Watts The vision of Walt Disney’s America in the 1950’s was revolutionary then as it is today as he created an impossibly high standard of service, ambience and entertainment into an inelastic good. His rendering of America into a transactional commodity is not only a testament to our values but how deeply rooted capitalism is engrained in our nation’s core. Walt Disney created the world of Disneyland not only to escape the negative and furic energy of the real world, but to pay homage to the country that allowed his dreams to come true- the United States. Disneyland, through architecture, atmosphere and aesthetic, stamps the American masses with a yearning to attend “the most magical place on earth” and in doing so created an industry on it’s own- but does this fantasy world come with a price to pay? The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California was the beginning of the Disney Empire and is a testament of its economic effects both on a regional scale and a microeconomic one, but from it all, Disneyland serves as the perfect business model in the age of computers and service. Walt Disney was one of the existential beings that put America on the map for what it is- an economic capitalist powerhouse, but before there was an empire there stood a man
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