The Visionary Skills By Richard Branson

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Richard Branson has proved his monumental visionary skills by persistently projecting his fantasies for the organisation and collaborating the resources to move in the direction of fulfilment of those fantasies. He inspires his workers to bring in new ideas and to think of their own thoughts and arrangements. This is exhibited by his routine practice of listening, reading and reacting to the suggestions and messages of his employees. Branson has been depicted as a personality who enjoys the difficulties, risks and challenges in business and the one who derives satisfaction to attain the apparently inaccessible targets. It is a part of who he is and he shows it through his leadership style. 2. Team Builder: There is no existence of leadership without its followers and valuing them is the first step toward their development as well as in cultivating effective transformational leadership. The successful implementation of unity among team members has made Branson more successful than ever. He has traveled extra miles and flown to greater heights just to grasp the recipe of fun working environment for his employees. He believes to have a family like bond within members who cherish being part of it and strive to create and enhance that unity. He wants to have a team people who work for him, for virgin, and own it they should not have the concept of just working for the paycheck. As a team leader, one has to create a balanced and friendly working environment by minimizing the
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