The Visit At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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Over the thanksgiving break I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is an art museum in New York City that has a variety of ancient artwork from different cultures and time periods. There is paintings and sculptures from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Greece. The museum is additionally home to artwork from many different time periods including ancient Near Eastern Art, Middle Ages and Europe during the Renaissance. The Met also has artwork from many different religions such as Christianity and Islam. Each section in the museum had a specific artwork that attracted my attention. On the first floor of the Met Museum is the Greek and Roman Art. The Greek and Roman section has hundreds of art work ranging from the Neolithic period to Roman Emperor Constantine. In the Greek and Roman section there is many portraits and sculptures including the statue of Emperor Augustus, the statue of Aphrodite, and the Marble female figure. The sculptures in this section range in different shapes, sizes and colors and are made with a variety of materials. The sculptures depict emperors, Kings, Queens, Gods and Goddesses of the time. Much of the statues in this section are missing key parts such as arms, legs and the head due to the fact that they were damaged before being bought to the museum. The statue in this section that caught my attention the most was the Marble Statue of Aphrodite. This is a statue of Aphrodite, who is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty pleasure and
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