The Visitation of the Gods

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"The Visitation of the Gods" Gilda Cordero-Fernando While this is not the conventional love story like the other stories here, I thought it was a good addition to this blog. Loving one's job is a love that is also noteworthy. One's dedication and passion for his or her chosen profession is as noble as love felt for other people. Ms. Noel's principles and decisions show her dedication not only to her job, but to her students, as well. This is sharply contrasted against the facade that her co-teachers are putting up and the jaded opinions of Mr. Sawit. It is a good story that is a true and unforgiving reflection of the culture in public schools and a must-read for those who are considering teaching as a profession. Perhaps it's because the…show more content…
Visitation was, after all, 99% impression - and Mr. Olbes, the principal, had promised to remember the teachers' cooperation in that regard in the efficiency reports. The teachers of Group Two had been assigned to procure the beddings and the dishes to be used for the supper. In true bureaucratic fashion they had relegated the assignment to their students, who in turn had denuded their neighbors' homes of cots, pillows, and sleeping mats. The only bed properly belonging to the Home Economics Building was a four-poster with a canopy and the superintendent was to be given the honor of slumbering upon it. Hence it was endowed with the grandest of the sleeping mats, two sizes large, but interwoven with a detailed map of the archipelago. Nestling against the headboard was a quartet of the principal's wife's heart-shaped pillows - two hard ones and two soft ones - Group Two being uncertain of the sleeping preferences of division heads. "Structuring the Rooms" was the responsibility of the third group. It consisted in the construction (hurriedly) of graphs, charts, and other visual aids. There was a scurrying to complete unfinished lesson plans and correct neglected theme books; precipitate trips from bookstand to broom closet in a last desperate attempt to keep out of sight the dirty spelling booklets of a preceding generation, unfinished projects and assorted rags - the key later conveniently "lost" among the folds of Mrs. Olbes' (the principal's wife) balloon
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