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The Visual Culture Over the past few decades, enhancements in the visual fields have greatly improved, giving weight on the importance of visual material in text. Something that is more visually stimulating can usually make a text more convincing or credible. The term “seeing is believing” proves this fact. As humans, we tend to believe something if we can actually see it, which is why Jay David Bolter has referred to this phenomenon of the changed role of text and graphics as the “visual culture” in his book Writing Space. “Mere words no longer seemed adequate; they had to share their space with images.” (Bolter, 69). As Bolter describes the visual culture that we are immersed in, in this day and age,…show more content…
An example is that of headlines in the news. In such headlines that use visual metaphors, there is usually a visual image and the point is to turn the analytic content of the headline into something sensual. The image is merely used to confirm the puns of words that are being used in headlines and other things. Bolter says, “The dialectic of word and image in… advertisements can be commonplace or sophisticated, but in each case there is a changed relationship in which the image is magnified at the expense of the prose. Words no longer seems to carry conviction without the reappearance as a picture of the imagery that was latent in them,” (Bolter, 54). Interesting, too, is the fact that Bolter mentions emotional tactics involved in emails and instant messaging. How fascinating it is to realize that we have actually put different emotional “faces” to express how we are speaking through IM’s and e-mails. To think that we have come so far in this visual culture that we need icons and pictures to express how we are feeling through writing. As if the text was not enough to describe how we are feeling, it is far more simpler to just use images like these: J or L. There are some negatives to the use of images along with textual writing. With our new advancements in

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